Welcome to The McElrath Site!

This is a family site run by Bob McElrath, for my own use and the use of other McElrath's.  If your last name is McElrath, feel free to inquire about an email address like your_name@mcelrath.org or your_name@mcelrath.net!  (If there is enough interest I will make arrangements to host web pages like http://your_name.mcelrath.org/ as well)

I am a post-doctoral fellow in in theoretical particle physics at CERN. I earned by Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, before taking my first post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California, Davis. I keep a personal site here also. SPIRES at the SLAC laboratory is the best place to find a list of my professional publications. I am an avid user and contributor to open source software, including the Debian project, linux, and a few projects of my own.  I am interested in all things related to space, and in particular going to Mars.

There are a few "famous" McElrath's out there with an internet presence (I don't know most of these people, but I know how to use Google).  I'm proud to have such accomplished people sharing my name (and maybe a little blood too!):

Also visit our sister site, themcelraths.net which is owned by John Linsley McElrath and Margaret Anne Olds, and their children.

The family name McElrath has a significant geneaology,  

This site is dedicated to my grandmother, Lois Gebert (formerly Lois McElrath).

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